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Healthcare User Forum
The online space for peer-to-peer clinical knowledge exchange.<br /><br />Subscribe to the topics of your interest to receive information that matters to you or join discussions relevant to your clinical processes.<br /><br /><a href="">More information</a>
teamplay is a cloud-based network that brings together healthcare professionals in order to advance medicine and human health.
<p>Make fast, well-informed decisions and optimize your workflows by connecting to up-to-date data, by comparing your performance data to benchmarks&sup1;<sup>,</sup>&sup2;</sup> and collaborating with healthcare professionals worldwide.</p><p>teamplay creates an international environment, in which physicians, clinicians and healthcare executives come together to form one big virtual imaging team. teamplay grants instant&sup3; access to statistics from the imaging device fleet. Its multi-vendor support empowers healthcare professionals to identify improvement potential on all levels of execution. From devices and protocols to participating team members, teamplay provides precise starting points for enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and quality of care. teamplay provides an easy-to-grasp overview of an institution's imaging workflow in one intuitive and smooth Plug &amp; Play solution.</p><p><p><a href="">More information</a></p><dl style="font-size:12px"><dt>&sup1;This information about this product is preliminary. It is under development, not commercially available, and its future availability cannot be ensured</dt><dt>&sup2;Availability of Benchmarking option depends on a minimum number of considered subscribers to guarantee customer anonymity and data protection.</dt><dt>&sup3;Prerequisites include: wireless connection to clinical network, meeting recommended minimum hardware requirements, and adherence to local data security regulations.</dt></dl>